Established in 1954, The Decor Group, Inc. stands as a beacon of trust in the realm of commercial Christmas
decoration. With a rich legacy spanning decades, we specialize in delivering unparalleled products,
comprehensive training, and unwavering support within the holiday decorating and outdoor lighting sectors.

A Trusted Leader in
Commercial Holiday Decor Since 1954

The Decor Group, Inc. is guided by relentless focus on our core values, and to help customers, vendors, employees, and other stakeholders to reach and exceed their goals.



Being consistent is paramount in all we do. Our goal is to provide clarity of direction and reliable results, so stakeholders know what to expect.


We will do our best to forecast, acknowledge and address issues to stay in front of them. We will always do our best to do the right thing.


We want to maintain relevance in the lives of our customers, vendors, and employees through the provision of support, training, investment, and creativity.


Through communication, strong relationships, and our actions, we will continue to build trust with our stakeholders.

Above all else, we will always strive for excellence, maintain the highest levels of professional courtesy, and treat others better than we want to be treated.


The Decor Group Brands provide premium quality products, comprehensive education and proven business systems that help existing companies and entrepreneurs profitability add specialty services, product, and retail divisions to their organizations.
We are committed to constant and never ending improvement in everything we do every day.


The Decor Group

Join the ranks of those who transform their spaces into mesmerizing wonderlands during the holiday season and beyond. The Decor Group, an international leader in professional Holiday Decorating Services and Outdoor Lighting, brings unparalleled expertise and innovation to your doorstep.

With a legacy built on excellence, The Decor Group offers a comprehensive suite of services and products tailored to make your home or business shine brighter than ever before. Our team is dedicated to ensuring every detail of your holiday décor exceeds expectations, from conception to installation.

Looking to infuse joy into every moment, all year long? The Decor Group goes beyond traditional holiday decor, offering themed designs that span from Valentine's Day to Easter, Halloween, and beyond. No matter the occasion, we've got your space covered with enchanting decorations that inspire delight and create lasting memories.